Jinx (jinx63769) wrote in unc_tarheels,


Hello NC!

My boyfriend got hired to teach at UNC and Duke so we'll be moving to NC in August. 
We're looking at Durham and Chapel Hill or somewhere in between.
Preferably an apartment complex of some sort that is someplace quiet and not too close to students(nothing against students, they just tend to be loud in general)
He has a car but I only have a bike so preferably someplace close to a bus line.
Speaking of...how is the bus system in that area?
We're moving from Tucson, AZ and the bus system here Rocks.
Is NC bike friendly? Bike lines?
I already know that the hoop community is fairly large in that area and I'm super excited to meet the local hoopers.
Any and all suggestions, comments, opinions are appreciated.
I'm sure I'll have more questions the closer the move is.
Thank you!
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