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Hello NC!

My boyfriend got hired to teach at UNC and Duke so we'll be moving to NC in August. 
We're looking at Durham and Chapel Hill or somewhere in between.
Preferably an apartment complex of some sort that is someplace quiet and not too close to students(nothing against students, they just tend to be loud in general)
He has a car but I only have a bike so preferably someplace close to a bus line.
Speaking of...how is the bus system in that area?
We're moving from Tucson, AZ and the bus system here Rocks.
Is NC bike friendly? Bike lines?
I already know that the hoop community is fairly large in that area and I'm super excited to meet the local hoopers.
Any and all suggestions, comments, opinions are appreciated.
I'm sure I'll have more questions the closer the move is.
Thank you!
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great suggestion! we took a look and the reviews were good. It looks like they want pets to be declawed though which I refuse to do to my cat =/ Gonna see if we can work around that. Thanks!
Just a word on public transport -- I'm still a student, but I've never owned a car and I have lived off campus two going on three years. Chapel Hill has a fairly reliable, fare-free transit system that you can check out over at www.chtransit.org. They have some lines that are much more frequent than others (I've lived on the J and D lines for two years and never had trouble with them.) The TTA is also pretty rad for going between Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. I frequently take it to Raleigh to visit friends at NC State, but you have to dedicate a little more time to it.

As far as apartment complexes, the one I lived in was pretty noisy and shoddy construction, but cheap. I've got a house for next year in Carrboro that's still pretty cheap and close. (Check out www.chapelhillrent.com for some local listings, although without three or four roommates these can get kind of pricy.)
Also, totally slipped my mind, but the Robertson bus runs between Duke & UNC frequently during the school year because of the robertson scholars (a joint Duke/UNC program.) So living in chapel hill or durham, your boyfriend or you could easily get between the campuses without necessarily having to drive between them.
awesome, thank you!
I would really recommend finding a house to rent in Carrboro. Most of the professors at UNC live in Carrboro, and it tends to be a good bit quieter than Chapel Hill proper. Much of Carrboro is on buslines, and a lot of people bike (although bike lanes are a bit skimpy and the terrain pretty hilly).
it looks like we're leaning towards carrboro, thanks for the suggestion!

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great, thank you for the suggestions!

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Thank you for responding!

We found a complex in Chapel Hill that looks promising and has really great reviews, hopefully it lives up to it! It's hard to pick a place to live site unseen. =/ Carrboro is pretty close to Chapel Hill, right?
I lived at The Pointe (north of town; formerly 82 Magnolia) a few years ago and had an absolutely fantastic experience -- especially living right on the bus line. Welcome to Chapel Thrill in advance!
We decided on Chapel Hill! =)