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you must forgive me

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Thursday, August 16th, 2012
1:14 pm - Charming Chapel hill 2/2.5 Condo for Rent!

Great for pet owners, and wired for fiber optic internet. Bedroom TV wall mount stays.

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Sunday, July 18th, 2010
7:04 pm

thanks everybody for all the great suggestions!
We appreciate it and will be seeing you next month!

I thought of one other very important thing that I require...
any good comic book shops?

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Friday, July 16th, 2010
10:31 pm - ATTN: students with a .edu email address

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni can benefit from this too!

Now is a time that I wish I was still in college. Oh well, what can you do?

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Thursday, July 15th, 2010
8:36 pm

Greetings NC!

So it looks like my man and I will be moving to Chapel Hill.
Looking for recommendations:




Breakfast place (crepes?)


Bakery (French in particular)

Used bookshop

Thrift Shops (Savers? Goodwill?)

Clubs (preferably of the goth/industrial variety although I like to go out dancing to all sorts of music so if it's not of the goth.industrial variety then I'll need a club buddy ;) My guy doesn't like those as much)


Hairdresser (preferably of the great and cheap variety)

Hula Hoop community (I'm on hoopcity and have been making some great connections there)

Temp Agency as I will be looking for work as soon as I get there

Are there any casinos in the area?

ok...I think that's it for now, I'll post again if we think of anything else.

Thank in advance!!!

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Saturday, June 26th, 2010
4:52 pm - Moving

Hello NC!

My boyfriend got hired to teach at UNC and Duke so we'll be moving to NC in August. 
We're looking at Durham and Chapel Hill or somewhere in between.
Preferably an apartment complex of some sort that is someplace quiet and not too close to students(nothing against students, they just tend to be loud in general)
He has a car but I only have a bike so preferably someplace close to a bus line.
Speaking of...how is the bus system in that area?
We're moving from Tucson, AZ and the bus system here Rocks.
Is NC bike friendly? Bike lines?
I already know that the hoop community is fairly large in that area and I'm super excited to meet the local hoopers.
Any and all suggestions, comments, opinions are appreciated.
I'm sure I'll have more questions the closer the move is.
Thank you!

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010
3:52 pm - For Sale

Leaving NC and selling some furniture on Craigslist. Please pass along the info to anyone you know that might be interested.

Bedroom Furniture

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009
7:33 pm - Rental in Chapel Hill

I'm looking at being homeless as of August 1, so I need to find somewhere to live.  My current lease ends on July 31st and I don't have anywhere to live yet.  My original plan fell through because the other people living there don't want a cat in the house.  So here is what I'm looking for:

--Cat allowed.  I have one young, sweet cat.
--Preferably short-term (month-to-month, three months, six months) but I may consider a one year lease
--Chapel Hill...or surrounding area
--max $500/month
--Furnished would be great, but not necessary
--My own bedroom, and other shared living spaces
--Prefer roommates, but willing to live in a 1 bedroom
--Safe neighborhood

Anyone know of a place that matches this?  Or good websites, newspapers, etc. to look at?  I've been trolling Craigslist daily and haven't had much luck.


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Thursday, June 4th, 2009
2:34 pm - Chapel Hill Band

Mobley, an Austin, TX band originally founded in Chapel Hill, NC is on NPR's song of the day. If you want a free download, it's up:


I figured I'd share this with any UNC people who question the 'fruitfulness' of chapel hill music scene :)

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
6:19 pm - Support my school!

This Saturday 9am-6pm---shop at The Red Hen at 201 Weaver St. in Carrboro and mention THE LITTLE SCHOOL and my wonderful school will get 20% of what you spend...PLEASE come out and support us!!!

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Saturday, April 4th, 2009
9:34 am


Are you interested in adopting a dog or puppy?

Come to Petsmart TODAY (April 4) from 12-2pm to meet a few of the lovable adoptable pups from Orange County Animal Shelter! This is a great opportunity to meet and play with the dogs outside of the shelter environment.

Check out the Orange County Animal Shelter website to see all of the adoptable animals:

Who: YOU!
What: Meet adoptable dogs and puppies from Orange County Animal Shelter
When: TODAY! (April 4) 12-2pm
Where: Petsmart, off 15-501 in Durham (across from New Hope Commons/WalMart)
Why: Meet the dogs outside the shelter environment and find a new fluffy friend! Also learn about Orange County Animal Shelter.

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Sunday, March 29th, 2009
9:41 pm - charging rent

I am buying a house in Hillsborough and will hopefully be renting out a room, but I'm not sure how much to charge in rent. I'm looking through craigslist but have seen nothing else in Hillsborough. Anybody have any suggestions or ideas for how I can figure this out? I was planning $300 or $400 for 2 people sharing the room, but people are telling me that's too low.

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Saturday, February 28th, 2009
2:03 pm - Ben Kweller rideshare

Hey kids-- I have one ticket to Ben Kweller's concert at Cat's Cradle tomorrow (opening act is Watson Twins, show starts at 9pm) and I'm not going to be able to use it because I've got s no car to drive me there (I was going to walk, but it's going to raaaaain).

Is anyone going to the concert that wants to give me a ride? I live 4 minutes away and just can't walk up Greensboro in the dark, wet night. I'm not axe murderer-- I'm a UNC grad student who likes going to concerts and meeting cool people. I'll buy you a beer!!

elyse at email dot unc dot edu

X posted to triangleites

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Thursday, January 1st, 2009
1:30 pm - Art students take note

Howdy, I'm graduating this semester, and in preparation for moving into an even smaller apartment I'm selling my screen printing setup. This was a great hobby for a student, and I even did some printing out of a dorm room my freshman year. If anyone has done some printing and is looking for a press, or is interested in learning check out: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/bfs/976405369.html

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
3:58 pm - Tickets to Avett Brothers

Hi, I have two student tickets to the Avett brothers concert tonight but am swamped with work if anyone is interested. They were 15 each, and I can deliver to anywhere in the carrboro/campus area if you let me know in the next hour or so. Thanks!
Edit: Free if you can pick up in Carrboro. email amellnik@ the standard unc suffix.

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Monday, October 27th, 2008
8:49 pm
yggdrasill I have a question about registration stops. I returned this semester under partial medical clearance and thought a stop would be placed back on my record come registration time, but nothing happened. If these kinds of stops activate at the end of the semester, should I bother registering now if I'm unsure of being able to submit my required info in time? Will I be dropped from the courses I registered for once the stop becomes effective or will they carry over into January? Would I be able to access the system to drop them myself? Just wondering if anyone here had experience with this. Thanks!

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008
11:25 am - RELI 135 and 240

I've got yet another question about classes.  I'm registering for my final semester at UNC and, of course, I left all the crap classes till the end.  I still have to do my upper-level philosophical requirement, so I'm trying to decide between these two:

RELI 135 [088] Technology, the Self, and Ethical Problems (3). Problems in the study of ethics in the new worlds of information technology. (taught by R W Tyson)

RELI 240 [068] Religion, Literature, and the Arts in America (3). A study of religious ideas and cultural forms in America through an examination of a variety of genres including novels, poetry, essays, and sermons. (taught by Brandi Denison)

Has anyone taken either of these?  Any info, recommendations, syllabi?  Any info on the professors?

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Sunday, October 5th, 2008
2:55 pm - movers

I have heard that sometimes there are students that help you move. I can't wade through all the crap on craigslist to find these little gems. I went back through pages and pages and couldn't find any. So I ask, is there anyone here that either is, or knows of students that help move people? Or anyone that wants to help my fiance and I out this coming weekend? food, beer, money, whatever, we'll figure something out.

the back story is that he works all weekend so it's basically up to me to get the majority taken care of. single story basement apartment in Chapel Hill to a 2 story townhouse also in Chapel Hill and about 5-6 miles apart. If you don't have a truck, we will certainly rent one to use.

I have submitted for estimates from both Two Men and a Truck and TROSA.. i'm waiting for them. however, i'd rather help out some students with drinking money! ;o)

x-posted locally

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Monday, September 29th, 2008

Wonderful news! The 1826-1993 volumes of the Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik located here in the Brauer Math/Physics library is now barcoded (as well as many other titles), compliments of yours truly. So you can feel free to come by and check them out. And while you're here, why not peruse our other 200-year-old mathematical serials with brittle disintegrating pages in languages you can't read?

This is just one of the many fabulous resources (funded by you and your friendly state tax-payers!) your library system has to offer. Just wanted to let you know that we are spending that money. Don't you worry!

Edited to add:
Can't read German? No problem! Most of the articles in these journals are in Latin!

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Saturday, September 27th, 2008
2:44 pm - Creative Writing Program

Hi all,
Any Creative Writing kids out there?  I'm hoping to submit a story to the department to be considered for the Advanced Fiction Writing course, and they ask each applicant whether we're CW minors or not. I'm not declared, but I still want to take the class(es), so my question is: Does anyone know if non-minors are pretty much automatically black-balled out of taking the upper-level Creative Writing courses?

Thanks ~

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Thursday, September 4th, 2008
9:13 am - Good part time jobs around town?
stull08 Hey guys, I have a good job right now in Chapel Hill, but it really isnt ideal with my current schedule, so I am wondering if anyone knows of a good place to apply that pays more than $7.00? 

current mood: optimistic

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