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you must forgive me

if i’m up and gone to carolina in my mind

UNC Chapel Hill LJ-ers
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Hark the sound of Tarheel Voices,
Ringing clear and true,
Singing Carolina's praises,
Shouting NCU.
Hail to the brightest star of all,
Clear its radiance shines,
Carolina, priceless gem,
Receive all praises thine.

This is a community for UNC-Chapel Hill students.

*Get advice about classes, teachers, majors, dorms, apartments, etc.
*Talk football, baseball, basketball, intramurals, etc.
*Promote campus wide events
*Discuss upcoming concerts in the area

The memories have plenty of advice on things such as admissions and choosing a dorm. Read through these before posting: you'll get some good advice and be able to ask more specific questions.