make_believe013 (make_believe013) wrote in unc_tarheels,

RELI 135 and 240

I've got yet another question about classes.  I'm registering for my final semester at UNC and, of course, I left all the crap classes till the end.  I still have to do my upper-level philosophical requirement, so I'm trying to decide between these two:

RELI 135 [088] Technology, the Self, and Ethical Problems (3). Problems in the study of ethics in the new worlds of information technology. (taught by R W Tyson)

RELI 240 [068] Religion, Literature, and the Arts in America (3). A study of religious ideas and cultural forms in America through an examination of a variety of genres including novels, poetry, essays, and sermons. (taught by Brandi Denison)

Has anyone taken either of these?  Any info, recommendations, syllabi?  Any info on the professors?

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